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Church at 4192 Brownsville Road, Powder Springs, GA 30127

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    On Sunday, August 3, 2014 I attended New Hope Missionary Baptist Church alongside my girlfriend. This was our first time visiting the church, as we had received a flyer from one of the youth members on Saturday, August 2, 2014 at Praise in the Park. Upon arriving at the church we were greeted by some member in a very friendly manner. We arrived early so we had to wait in the vestibule for some time before being advised that we could go in. During the time in which we waited one of the ushers passed out programs and as she handed mine to me, she addressed me as sir. Now I didn't take offense to this because it happens; however, if I correct someone once I don't expect to blatantly be called a sir or a boy again as she did. That's only the beginning of my experience. During the service there was a time for welcoming all the first time visitors to the church, as they have at all churches. At the time in which the visitors were asked to stand my girlfriend and I did so. As the lady gave the welcome another lady proceeded to pass out gifts, information cards, and name tags. The lady who originally were passing out the welcome gifts ran out of gifts and continued with only passing out the information cards and name tags. However, that same usher who called me a boy twice, went and retrieved some gifts and begin passing them out on the side in which we was sitting on. She gave one to a lady sitting a few pews up from us and then to a lady on our exact row. At this point she still had gifts left in her hand, yet she looked down the row at us and proceeded to take the gifts back to box. In the course of the welcome gifts begin passed out a member behind us gave my girlfriend a knitted cross, which to me was an extremely kind thing to do. My problem comes in several minutes following this "kind" gesture. .I stepped outside while everyone was greeting their neighbors and as I was making my way back to my seat I cross the same member that had given my girlfriend the cross. At this time she was carrying another cross which was red and was looking down my row as if she were looking for the other visitor on the row. I proceeded to my seat and as I reached where the lady was standing she made direct eye contact with me, looked me up and down, rolled her eyes, tucked her knitted cross and headed back to her seat. Now I have been church all my life, and NEVER have i had an experience such as this one. There are some very discouraging parishioners in that church whom I am not on here to judge; however, I would advise for them to be addressed. No one should every walk into the House of the Lord and feel unwelcome. No sin is greater than the next and because you can look at me and draw your own conclusions about my lifestyle through my short hair and style of dress, it is not acceptable to treat me like anything less than a Child of God. My experience at this church scarred me very briefly and I had to do some serious praying to God about the outlook these two women gave me about"Christians". Hey only God can Judge me. "Let he who is without sin cast the first stone".

    Added June 26, 2017 by Shamaille Holmes
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